What Are the Benefits of Dairy-Free Butter?

What Are the Benefits of Dairy-Free Butter?

Dairy-free everything has risen in popularity over the years as an alternative to traditional dairy staples like butter, yogurt, and of course milk. Dairy-free butter is a healthy, sustainable, and delicious alternative to more traditional butter options, and at Luv Butter, we know all about delicious dairy alternatives. Here are four reasons you should ditch the dairy, and butter it up with some dairy-free butter from Luv Butter.


Lower Cholesterol Content

Nearly 92 million Americans have high cholesterol, according to data from the CDC. Lowering cholesterol through diet has long been a strategy of physicians and healthcare experts. Our dairy-free butter is free of the fatty and plaque-building oils that are found naturally in dairy products, making it an excellent choice for anyone fighting against high cholesterol.


Better for the Environment

Dairy butter requires — as the name might imply — dairy cows to supply the initial cream, which is then churned into butter. Dairy cows require enormous amounts of resources to support, whether that’s cattle feed or water. Additionally, cows require significant amounts of land to roam and graze, further expanding their resource requirements. Dairy-free butter from Luv Butter is all plant-based, meaning all we need to bring you our best dairy substitute is good soil, water, and love.


Lower Saturated Fats

Like cholesterol, saturated fats are another dietary concern for millions of people. Saturated fats aren’t just bad for your body — they’re also packed with cholesterol, meaning that even if you’re trying to avoid cholesterol in your diet, you could still be consuming too much by eating saturated fats from dairy products.

Luv Butter’s butter is naturally low in saturated fats because it’s free of dairy; dairy which often contains some of the worst offenders in a healthy diet.


Convenient Substitution

Dairy-free butter is a fast and easy substitution for anyone looking to butter up some of their favorite food. Our delicious butter products also come in a number of different styles and flavors, meaning you have nearly limitless options for snacking, cooking, and even baking.

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