Why Choose Luv Butter?

Why Choose Luv Butter?

The best butter is fresh, something you often can’t find with store-bought butter. Homemade butter steps up the game in quality ingredients, delicious flavors, and more. When you choose Luv Butter, you choose the best homemade butter spreads for everyone! Shop Luv Butter today.

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Quality & Simple Ingredients

Luv Butter’s homemade flavored butter spreads started as a simple family recipe. As it’s grown, we’ve stayed true to using quality ingredients and simple, but delicious, recipes. When you choose Luv Butter’s homemade vegan butter, you can trust that the simple ingredients make for a mouthwatering spread.


Delicious Flavored Butter Spreads

If you’re ready to branch out from the classic, but still beloved, butter flavor, Luv Butter has the perfect homemade flavored butter spreads for you. Smoked Garlic and Herb takes a plain bagel to a whole new level, Creamy Cinnamon and Brownie Batter make for a delightful treat, and Strawberries and Cream pair perfectly with your morning toast. The possibilities are endless with our flavored butter!


Homemade Butter Spreads for Everyone

When we say that the Luv Butter homemade butter spreads are for everyone, we mean it. Our family recipe makes for the best vegan butter, unparalleled in creamy texture and classic taste. Luv Butter is also a gluten-free and dairy-free butter!


More Than Just Butter

There are endless reasons to choose Luv Butter’s homemade butter spreads, but we’re more than just our classic butter recipes! We’ve expanded our products to include a variety of hot sauce options. And to compliment your new vegan butter spread, you can purchase Kernel’s of Luv popcorn made in our popular flavors. You can even browse our bakery, which of course includes baked goods made with our butter!

If you’re unhappy with the bland butter options, it’s time to choose Luv Butter to find the perfect homemade butter spreads for everyone. Shop now to spread the luv!

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